JobOne is a strong and vibrant business with a long and proud history of providing opportunities for adults with disabilities. We were formed in 2011 from the merger of two organizations with decades of service, IBS Industries and Foundation Workshop. These two organizations came together to expand employment opportunities, take advantage of joint marketing and sales efforts, and to create a more efficient and cost-effective agency. As a result, JobOne is now one of the largest and most programmatically diverse business of its kind in the state. Nearly 40% of JobOne employees work in community settings and that number is growing each year! JobOne is positioned to adapt to changes impacting us and thrive in the future. Thanks to a committed board of directors, hardworking staff, and outstanding employees we are poised for growth and program innovation.

JobOne Today

  • We employ nearly 300 people with disabilities in Jackson County and surrounding Kansas City metro areas. We take immense pride in our person-centered approach to employment services and our diverse business offerings speak to the wide range of choices we offer.
  • Employees enjoy choices. Secure Document Solutions, Recycling, JobOne Careers, AbilityOne, Community Employment and Subcontracting.
  • 40 Staff members with expertise in manufacturing, document destruction, recycling, logistics, finance, human resources, nonprofit management, and developmental disabilities help manage the business operations.
  • A community board made up of 14 individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets govern the organization and ensure proper oversight and strategic direction.
  • JobOne operates on a nearly $5,000,000 annual budget.
  • 70%+ of our revenue is earned through surpluses on the businesses that we run. This means that JobOne is not as reliant upon government funding as many of our nonprofit peers.