• No-cost recruiting.
  • Prescreening of candidates based on essential job requirements.
  • On-site job coaching and support services.
  • Job shadowing as a career-exploration activity.
  • Job restructuring and/or work site adjustment.
  • Accessibility review of work site.
  • Recommendations and referrals for reasonable accommodations.
  • Post-hire consultation services.


Partner with JobOne Careers for workforce employment solutions — at no cost to you.

Let JobOne Careers handle the up-front assessment and recruitment effort for your business to identify qualified and interested applicants who happen to have disabilities. We can help secure access to talent you otherwise may have overlooked, and assist in effectively integrating individuals with disabilities into your workforce.

We’ll provide ongoing support after hiring to ensure that your new employee meets company performance standards and, if necessary, is reasonably accommodated to do the work. This includes one-on-one job coaching and consulting on possible work-environment modifications.

JobOne Careers can help your business save time and money while also maintaining a committed, qualified and diverse workforce.

How to get started:

Individuals entering into the JobOne Careers community employment program are referred through the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. To begin the process and seek a referral to the program:

  1. Contact the Kansas City East District Office of Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (see contact information below). You can do this directly or through a support coordinator at Developmental Disability Services of Jackson County – eitas.
  2. Schedule an intake appointment with Vocational Rehabilitation staff.
  3. Bring requested documentation to appointment (e.g., documentation of disability, individualized educational plan, diagnostic testing, etc.)
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation staff will review records and determine eligibility for employment services. If eligible they will provide you with a list of approved vendors.
  5. You must choose “JobOne Careers” for us to serve you.
  6. Once JobOne Careers is selected, we can begin working with you to find employment.

Questions? Please contact us.

Rofique Miller – Customized Employment Specialist
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Email Rofique Miller  |  Office: 816.763.7822 Ext. 712  |  Cell: 816.456.9828

Jeff Carpenter – Customized Employment Specialist

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Anne Hochstein  |  Job One Careers Director
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Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Kansas City East District Office

243 NW Executive Way, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Phone: 816-251-0600

Fax: 816-622-0610

Toll Free: 1-866-831-1363

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