Secure Document Shredding

Secure Document Shredding and Disposal

What if you could safely and cost-effectively shred and dispose of sensitive property and paper documents, hard drives and other media (microfilm, microfiche, CDs, DVDs, video, audio, data backup tapes)? Secure Document Solutions offers NAID-compliant secure document shredding for all size businesses.

Your business is producing more data than ever before, and at a time when privacy and information destruction laws are increasing exponentially. As a result, you need to ensure that you protect proprietary company, customer and employee records by securely collecting, destroying and disposing such sensitive information responsibly and as mandated by the law.

Secure Document Solutions can design a customized information destruction and secure document shredding program to fit your specific needs, whether through a scheduled rotation or document purge to discard expired records.

By relying on our expertise you’ll maintain legislative compliance, lower your risk of data breaches, and protect your public image. The result? Greater peace of mind.

Partnering with us also helps your organization advance its environmental responsibilities and goals because we recycle 100% of the shredded paper. And, as an added benefit, using the services provided by Secure Document Solutions, a non-profit that creates local jobs and meaningful employment for people with disabilities, you strengthen your business community and help to improve lives.

Why Shred Sensitive Documents?

Due to billions of dollars lost each year from identity theft and corporate espionage, there are now numerous state and federal privacy laws and regulations on how organizations manage confidential information and protect privacy rights of the company, customers and employees. Substantial penalties can occur, and corporate trade secrets can be stolen or lost, if organizations do not comply. No business can afford to take the risk that private information will end up in the wrong hands.

Every business must show diligence in safeguarding confidential documents by monitoring the daily security of proprietary information, as well as when records are no longer needed or have expired.

Outsource Shred Service vs In-House Shredding

Do-it-yourself office document shredding can be more costly, time-consuming and less secure than outsourcing your document destruction needs. Consider the time it takes for an employee to prep and shred documents on a small office document shredder, and the focus and productivity it takes away from their primary job responsibilities.

Most industry estimates in-house shredding can costs almost double the outsourcing cost, considering the purchase price, maintenance and repairs of an office shredder.

More importantly, in-house document shredding can be less secure. There is a higher risk of exposure of confidential material to employees and others. When outsourcing to JobOne Secure Document Solutions, all documents are collected in bulk and stored in secure locked bins.

As an AAA certified member of the National Association for Document Destruction (NAID), JobOne Secure Document Solutions must meet and adhere to stringent requirements, qualifications and protocol through comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audits. We also provide customers a Certificate of Destruction to prove completion of the shredding and disposal process according to NAID standards. This is a legal document and provides evidence and an audit trail of privacy compliance.


JobOne Secure Document Solutions offers a variety of services, no matter what your size or type of business, or whether you have one box or 100 boxes of documents to destroy. We can design a customized information destruction program to fit your needs through a scheduled rotation service, or an as-needed bulk purge.

    1. Regular Scheduled Rotation Service

We will supply you with locked and slotted security bins at no charge and will return on a predetermined schedule to service your bins. You are only charged for the shredding process. Our standard bins include the executive cabinet or 64 gallon container. We also offer other size bins to fit your specific needs.

2. Bulk or Periodic Purges

In addition to the daily paper generated in your workplace, you may have a need to discard bulk documents at certain times. Whether it is a large or small quantity, we can help you destroy those confidential documents so they don’t pile up, and you stay compliant, protecting your business, clients and employees.

Shred Bins

security bins

Where we Service

We service the greater Kansas City area, Independence, Blue Springs and beyond, spanning to Columbia, St. Joseph Missouri and parts of Kansas including Wichita, Kansas.

Responsible Disposal and Environmental Impact

Your documents are shredded, intermingled with other paper material, and immediately baled to further protect privacy. Baled material is transported direct to a domestic paper mill where it is pulped, then recycled into various paper products.

NAID-certified-logo_100x100pxJobOne Secure Document Solutions is NAID AAA Certified for paper/printed media, micro media, computer hard drive and non-paper media destruction. We follow the stringent security practices and procedures established by the National Association for Information Destruction.